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  • Hi, can you write a guide for fishing? :)

  • kaomoji day nice sunny have a nice day GIF

    Hello, been a while Have a nice day Chris! <3

  • Hello, hello

    and then

    I must go.

    Have a nice day

    and don't must pray

    of the sun, if the day

    it's not okay.

    Have a good coffee or tea,

    and I have one idea,

    I am summon from the sea the mermaid

    and I listen what she is said.

    She is calling the stars

    to have happy days,

    calling the sun,

    oh, I have daisy, I must run...


  • yikes, POLL vote is today i'm so nervous lol Good Luck all!

  • I doubt that I'm going to win but Good Luck to everyone, that participated in [International] Best Wizard101 Outfit!!! <3

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    Happy Earth Day to all Wizards and Witches! <3

  • EN: Welcome to my profile and enjoy your stay!

    DE: Willkommen in meinem Profil Freunde!

    FR: Bienvenue sur mon profil Amis!

    ES: Bienvenido a mi perfil amigas!/Amigos!

    IT: Benvenuto nel mio profilo Amici!

    PL: Witaj na moim profilu Przyjaciele!

    GR: Καλώς ήλθατε στο προφίλ μου Φίλοι!

    Hi, friends, I'm Chris and I currently play in Wizard101 UK from 2012.

    Wizard101 is an incredible game and I'm happy to be part of this Community! :)

    if you guys have any questions about the game or just want to have a Conversation with me just send me a message! :)

    - Love you all have a nice day! <3

  • Forum Profile update: 12/4/2020


    Happy Easter Everybody! <3 :)

  • do you still play in UK?

    you might not remember me so I'm Ekko. :wave:

    • Ekko? forgive me I don't think I know you? cause usually everybody is always offline in my friend list in the game.

      also if you use Discord this game have one now! we can talk/chat there more.

      - Regards C. T.H.

  • Forum Profile update? 23/3/2020

    Hi, I'm much more active at Discord in the forum less but I do fallow what is posting in our EN Community but I'm here less active.


    Stay healthy, stay inside, and wash your hands! :hugs:

  • Wow, I don't know about you guys but I love Christmas!!!

    and right now the Crowns shop is full with holiday stuff that are for GOLD!!!!!

    how exiting!!!!

    xo xo xo - Chris ThunderHeart.

  • a quick update since Wizard101 EU have a New Discord I'm much more there and checking the forum less.

    See you around the Spiral! <3

  • Chris ThunderHeart Hey, bro Welcome back to the Forum enjoy your stay! :)

    • Thank you, it has been a while since I left lol.

      it did come to my attention that nobody from our server is active here so I decided to come back and light up

      our community. {。^‿^。}

    • to be honest there is nothing much to do in Wizard101 I play even less now.

      No, giveaways, no codes, no updates, less people the population is decreeing everyday even more...

    • that does explains why my friend list is full with people that are offline and never coming online.

      I can only guess people are not interested to play wizard101 with make total sense because people do grow up.

      I'm sad that if this continues after a few more years and this game will be dead and I will be forced to move

      to US server and start over from a scratch with is ridiculous.

    • I know it sucks, I don't like it too.

  • {。^‿^。}