[Update Notes] 7th Character slot!

  • Wizard City Revamp Continues!


    • A 7th character slot! (you will need to create 7 wizards to show the extra classroom).
    • New Treasure Card Displays.
    • New Skeleton Key Bosses:
      • Level 20 Spirit of Ignorance.
      • Level 130 Aethyr Elemental.
    • New Monstrology creatures – Spiders and Colossi.
    • Fun new Deckathalon school themed events (Fire, Ice, and Death).
    • There is a new backpack tab for Elixirs. Look for elixirs as loot in the future! Elixirs will continue to be auto-equipped when you purchase them from the Crown Shop or equip them from the gift window or craft them.

      • Look for elixirs as loot in the future!
    • Wizard UI Scaling and Windowed Fullscreen improvements, now with Windowed Borderless Mode! Streamers can now easily tab out of the game without disrupting stream quality.


    7th Character Slot Unlocks!


    You’ve asked, and we’ve listened – we've made a seventh character slot available for purchase in the Crown Shop! Now you have another great opportunity to expand your Wizard lineup. Here’s how it works:

    Once you purchase the additional character slot elixir, you will need to click the 'New' button on the classroom screen in order to create your new character.


    Once your 7th character is created, he or she will be located on the second page of the classroom, which you can view by clicking the yellow arrow at the bottom right of the classroom screen.


    You can purchase ONE additional character slot per account.

    More Skeleton Key Fights to Conquer

    Two new Skeleton Key bosses have been added! One is in Empyrea (Aero Plains) and another underwater in Crab Alley. Crab Alley is in Wizard City and thus easier to locate.

    Treasure Trove!

    Have you ever wanted to show off that elusive and rare treasure card without spending it in battle? Well, you can now with the treasure card display!


    You can now display a treasure card as a home wall hanging! Choose between the full display of the card or keep it classy and text-less in portrait mode.

    Expand Bank and Friends List Elixirs

    If you can’t get to your Spring Cleaning yet, never fear, we’ve got your back. We’ve added new space expansion elixirs for your bank and your friends list. You can purchase two of each, adding 25 friends and 50 bank spaces with each (currently found at the bottom of the Elixirs tab).

    You’ll also now notice that elixirs can be stored in your inventory, so you can purchase them and activate them later, as well as receive them in loot drops.

    * Purchased elixirs from the crown shop are activated immediately.

    So You Think You Khan Dance?

    There’s a new housing game in town, Khan’s Dance Game. The goal is to be the last player dancing. If you fail, look for power ups that will encourage your fellow dancers to finish the game.


    When activated, the Khan’s Dance Game can be found in the Crown Shop (it is not available at the moment, but will make it into the shop very soon!) and at the Empyrea Recipe Vendor.

    Sparkle and Shine

    We’ve now given you the ability to customize your teleport particles. After you purchase the teleport particles under the Gameplay section of the Crown Shop (currently found at the bottom of the Everything tab), you can change this option under Gameplay 3 in the settings menu.


    New Event: Deckathalons!

    The Deckathalon events will be held on the Live servers, though it won’t begin until some weeks after the Update itself goes live. Learn more about these exciting competitive events below!

    Come one, come all to the first Deckathalon for Wizards level 10 and above! When a Deckathalon is run, Gamma the Owl in the Wizard City Library will have all the information you need for these new exciting limited time events. You can enter the tower for free twice per day when an event is running. You’re allowed no bonuses from your gear, weapons, no prepared spells, none of the normal comforts of Wizarding you normally enjoy.


    Everyone will gain pips instead of power pips and shadow pips, and everyone has the same proficiency at spell casting treasure cards for every school. You’ll notice that you have very few hitpoints, and very little mana. You’ll have to use strategy to make it through.


    Each Stage of the tower consists of defeating THREE floors of opponents in a row with no opportunity to heal, refresh your mana, or add treasure cards to your deck. If you are defeated, your run ends. If you make it past the third opponent, you gain access to some new Deck recipes, as well as the option on your next run to progress to the next Stage of the tower.


    Can you make it to the top of the tower to unlock the recipe for the new weapon, the all-powerful Hands of Fate?

    By ascending the tower, you’ll unlock progress in various ways:


    You have an individual progress bar, and you earn points dependent on your progress through the tower. Higher floors come with higher points values to earn, so you’ll want to progress as far as you can! At certain points milestones, you’ll unlock bonus rewards to get you closer to crafting those great rewards mentioned above.

    As the Spiral community, you can work together to further another, shared progress bar. When that hits certain checkpoints, you’ll increase the loot level in the tower. This can happen three times per event, to max out at loot level 4.


    However, you will also be competing with each other to climb the leaderboard. High ranking Spiral Deckathletes will earn prizes for their achievements, and the best of the best will even see their friends rewarded as well—pending their participation in that event, of course!

    Please note that you have ~72 hours after an event ends to redeem individual progress rewards.


    The hunt continues! See Monstrologist Burke for two new extract spells and travel the Spiral in search of Colossi and Spiders.


    UI and Display Options

    You’ll notice a new option under graphics – UI Size. You can now choose from Tiny, Small, Regular, Large, and Huge. This should make playing on larger, high resolution monitors much improved!


    What’s up livestreamers and content creators! Our community team is super excited about a new game feature you’ve asked for that’s now being added... Borderless Window Mode!

    The new option provides an uninterrupted view of the game so streamers can easily tab out to reference information on another monitor or elsewhere on their system. It sets the game to a full screen view based on your monitor’s resolution. The system itself treats the game as a window but without the Window OS wrapper (buttons, border, etc.).

    Miscellaneous Miscellany

    • The quests 'Bear Market' and 'Trade Voyage' are no longer available and not needed to reach Grizzleheim. Once you reach level 20 you will be able to proceed to Grizzleheim through the normal quest line.
    • Changed Forest Oni, Maelstrom Oni, Reaper, Sandman, and Darkwalker to reflect that they’re hybrids in the pet tome.
    • You can now achieve the Sideline Directive badge with the quests available in Empyrea Pt 1

    Spells, Decks, and Packs/Bundles

    • Some CCG packs have gear and weapons updated to level 130, including the Professor’s Hoard, Wysteria Lore, Alphoi’s Hoard, Unicorn’s Hoard, and Decaversary Hoard. More to come as the year rolls on!
    • Heck Hound now reduces Backlash from Shadow Shrike
    • You will no longer incorrectly appear to learn the Deer Knight spell from the Loremaster when you receive the treasure card.
    • Corrected some issues with the Nimbari Scimitars and their maycast shift spells.
    • Adjusted the names of some of the Kalamar decks, amulets, and athames that shared names


    • Added collectable housing objects in Polaris, Mirage, and Empyrea. Keep your eyes peeled for new things to find in the Spiral!
    • Added a few new options for housing signs to reflect new houses and options.
    • Added collectible housing objects to worlds that didn’t have them.
    • The Friendship Table has some new camera options


    • Houseguests using proper animations when interacting with the Breadcrumb system
    • Some monsters you can only defeat once they have been removed from their categories.

    Graphics & UI

    • Cyclops mobs are now the correct size and are no longer T-posing in error
    • Borderless Windowed mode will allow applications to be visible in front


    • Members get double the credits compared to FTP players
    • Minor bug fixes, graphical tweaks, and grammar corrections