Plants that give mega snacks

  • Hello,

    Oftentimes I see new players struggling to get a hold of large amount of mega snacks, to train pets.

    Well, many of them dont know about wonders of gardening.

    In this thread I will cover few overlooked plants that in fact - give mega snacks!!!

    You all know about couch potatoes and evil magma peas, so i wont go over those.

    Fish on vine


    MANY, almost ALL of my friends ignored this plant, trashing the seeds.. until i told them they they give mega snacks... after which they facepalmed super hard xD

    Fish on vine gives +25 crab apples and +25 crab knight cakes. You are GUARANTEED to get a +25 mega snacks from one of those, when you do an elder harvest.

    Fish on vine is dropped commonly from waterworks, so dont hurry to trash this one if you get one.

    These plants always return seed on elder harvest.

    Deadly helephant ears


    This is a very useful plant to have, as it not only gives mega snacks (both +25 and +30) but also supplies you with rare reagents (diamonds, sandstone, sunstone, golden pearls, aether, aquamarine and vine)

    Like the last plant, this one ALWAYS gives 1 mega snack per elder harvest, either +25 or +30.

    These plants are dropped throughout avalon, as well as from tier 4-5 spiral cup (non-members can farm this). You can also get these from pink huckleberries and ultra helephant ears.

    These plants always return seed on elder harvest.



    Few might not know that this plant even exists. Apart from mega snacks it gives few notable treasure cards (colossal, gargantuan, regenerate, supernova).

    Unlike the previously mentioned plants, this one only has a CHANCE to give you a +25 snack (sunflower hearts) on elder harvest, but this is definetly worth gardening for treasure cards.

    You can get sunions from aphrodite 2 (key boss), Ra (key boss) as well as throughout Accursed Play gauntlet (non members can farm this too).

    These plants always return seed on elder harvest.

    Sword Fern

    %28House%29_Sword_Fern.png %28Snack%29_Crab_Knight_Cakes.png%28Snack%29_Cubby_Broccoli.png%28Snack%29_Flowering_Pineapple.png%28Snack%29_Hambrosia.png%28Snack%29_Green_Tomato.png%28Snack%29_Killer_Kumquat.png%28Snack%29_Muscle_Sprouts.png

    I can't begin to explain why this plant is overpowered. You should keep an eye out for this one, as its extremely useful.

    This plant gives a bunch of useful treasure cards on harvest (most notably: balanceblade, dragonblade, loremaster). Sword fern has a CHANCE to give you variety of snacks (those can include +25, +30 or even +50)

    Being more overpowered, it is harder to farm for. Bosses from sands of time and husk give those as drop. I personally farm them from mother ghulture boss, in caravan (Message me if you wanna farm her together)

    These plants always return seed on elder harvest.

    Prickly bear cactus


    This is your go-to plant if you're just starting with the snack gardening.

    Its mediocre, but has a CHANCE to give you a +25 mega snack on elder harvest.

    It is EXTREMELY easy to get from bazaar or krokotopia gardening shopkeeper.

    They don't return seed after elder harvest, so you may wanna stock up on those.

    Ultra Plants


    ALL of the ultra plants give mega snacks, not just on elder harvest but on normal harvest too!

    Most notable ones are ultra alligator pears and ultra trumpet vine (those give fish on vines, which are another plant giving megas). Apart from snacks ultra plants give amber and useful treasure cards.

    Ultra plants are dropped from Master, Archmage and Exalted one-shot challenges. You are ALWAYS guaranteed 1 ultra seed drop from boss chest (non members can farm this too).

    They don't return you seed after elder harvesting, but give normal versions of the plant (ultra helephant ears give deadly helephant ears - another mega snack giving plant)

    White and Maltese tiger lily


    Both of these are hard to take care of, and they take long time to grow, but reward is worthwhile.

    They ALWAYS give a +50 (white) and +45 (maltese) snack on elder harvest.

    White ones are commonly dropped from winterbane, as well as sold in bazaar. Maltese ones are dropped commonly in mirage or sold in bazaar.

    They don't give a seed back after elder harvest (but have chance to give ultra tiger lily seed, which gives mega snacks too).

    Boon tree


    This is a unique plant. Not only does it give 2 +25 mega snacks on elder harvest, it also gives a mount and a pet too!

    Boon trees can be received as a drop from many bosses (including lord nightshade and jade oni) during xmas event time.

    They don't return a seed after harvesting.

    Please share this thread with friends, especially those who are in need of mega snacks. And add replies if i missed any easy to obtain plants that give mega snacks - I'll make sure to add them to the guide (not CP or EMP)


    Thanks to Ryan LegendHunter

    Melstrom Snap Dragon


    Mainly reagent centric plant, but it nonetheless has a chance to give very good snacks on elder harvest

    Easy to obtain, can be bought from khrysalis and wintertusk gardener shopkeeper for 3600

    Does not return seed on elder harvest (has chance to give ultra snapdragon)

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  • This is a really good guide for the new starter players.

    Nicely done with the detail and effort, i'm sure a lot of people on W101 will appreciate it!

    Personal input, I also believe the Maelstrom Snap Dragons are worth gardening as well. They can be bought easily from Barley in Khrysalis for 3,600 gold per seed. These Snap Dragons drop some of the essential reagents for those at lower crafting;



    Braided Vine

    Fire Blossom

    Fish Fin

    Golden Pearl



    Perfect Amethyst

    Perfect Citrine

    Perfect Jade

    Perfect Onyx

    Perfect Peridot

    Perfect Ruby

    Perfect Sapphire

    Pristine Vial






    Water Lily

    Not only do they drop some essential reagents, but they also drop some useful treasure cards for storm wizards. They even have a chance to drop the "Ultra Snap Dragon" seed which we all know give loads of mega snacks. Finally, the Maelstrom Snap Dragon has 2 of it's own mega snacks it can drop at elder harvest, One +25 & one +45! These are definitely worth checking out and gardening with. Just be warned though, they do not return the seed every elder harvest.

  • Even couch potatoes give Mega snacks that we can get hard but are very useful.

    The Couch Potatoes that we can get from some packs in the crown shop, with 1,500 crowns or from fishing chests in some places or some castles of the our game.

    This plant needs " rain " , " music " and some time to grow up!

    (House) Couch Potatoes.png (Snack) Fancy Yogurt.png (Snack) Captain Canteloupe.png (Snack) Golden Wheat Bread.png

    These are the mega snacks that we can get through these plants!

    -Fancy Yogurt

    -Captain Canteloupe

    -Golden Wheat Bread.

    *Also Couch Potatoes gives a lot of snacks that you can see in the following link.

  • Deadly helephants rock. They grow rapidly, and even free players can garden them. And, as many deadly helephants as you want can be sourced by preventing pink huckleberries and/or ultra helephants from reaching elder, ie let wilt, revive, let wilt, revive and so on, to keep extracting more seeds at mature harvest.

    Ultra helephants are obtainable from one shot gauntlets like rattlebones master, and as very rare elder harvests from normal helephant ears (grow 100 and you will probably get 1 or 2). And as rare elder harvests from deadly helephants too.

    Pink huckleberries are obtainable from red/ultra huckleberries, red huckleberries are obtainable from ultra huckleberries, and ultra huckleberries are obtainable from one shot gauntlets like rattlebones master.

    If I recall correctly, I converted 1 ultra huckleberry seed into 50 deadly helephant seeds, in around a month, by using the wilt trick repeatedly.

    Lastly, deadly helephants, sword ferns, and fish on a vine are possible rewards from sarcophagus in darkmoor manor, on seed day. Seed day occurs on a 4 day cycle. Having 6 wizards visit darkmoor manor on seed day is a clever move if you are in need of megas.