Game Guidelines

  • The following Guidelines apply to the server:

    I. Bots, Scripts, Manipulations

    It is not allowed to manipulate the Game in any possible way for any purpose. Bots, scripts and other mechanisms for instance which influence or disturb the game and/or the system and give players advantages are forbidden.

    II. Traffic
    It is not allowed to use or enforce mechanisms which stress the game and therefore disturb the course of the game or shut down the entire game.

    III. Content Blockers
    It is not allowed to change or disable content and text which have been added by GameForge or the administration, for example pop-up blockers.

    IV. Data
    It is not allowed to use Third-Party-Software which read out the data traffic between client (the player) and the server.

    V. Prohibited Usage
    It is not allowed to use images and content of the game outside of it. Therefore it is not allowed to copy or store them except GameForge and/or the responsible party has been given explicit permission.

    VI. Selling prohibition
    It is not allowed to sell, buy, trade or pass any virtual item from the game and its platform for real money. This is not limited to real currency but also contains all material equivalents of the real world.

    VII. Chat Filter
    It is not allowed to avoid the chat filter or even try to do so.

    IIX. Harrassement

    It is forbidden to harass other players. This contains amongst others:
    Ongoing and bothersome following of other players
    Following other players in their fights to let them die there
    Disturbing messages without the other player willing to receive messages

    IX. Multiusing

    It is allowed to have multiple accounts for the game. This does not apply to the boards!

    X. GameMaster
    The Game Masters are allowed to warn, mute and block accounts. The instructions and decisions of the Game Masters are to be obeyed! The Game Masters will have special characters and ranks in-game. Any attempt of a player claiming to be a Game Master without permission and to make every player believe he is part of the Game Team is highly forbidden.

    XI. Punishment
    Every attempt to violate the T&C or rules enlisted here can result in a warning, a chat block or lead to a temporary or termination of the contract with all your accounts.

    If you have any question, feel free to contact the Official Support.